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We are - International Association of Charitable Organizations

The main goal of the International Association of Charitable Organizations is to assist ukrainians in realizing their rights and social guarantees provided by the legislation of Ukraine, utilizing available opportunities to ensure the protection of economic and social rights of people, providing the population with housing, healthcare and psychological assistance. First and foremost, it provides more effective and diverse assistance to children who have suffered from Russian aggression.

In collaboration with: Eco-complex "Perlyna Dzvinkova", Children's camp "Questy Camp", certified psychologists of Ukraine, representatives of the juvenile police, Eco-Park - ostrich farm "Yasnogorodka" and the Horse Riding Club "Klondike" we have initiated a project for the psychological rehabilitation of children aged 8 to 14 who have been affected by Russian aggression in Ukraine. The proposed project involves year-round (2 shifts per month for 10 days each) accommodation and psycho-recreational rehabilitation for forty children in one shift. The children will be accommodated in cozy, two-story cottages with four meals a day.

About the Project

The project entails:


Accommodation in cozy cottages located on the territory of the eco-complex "Pearlyna Dzvinkova" (34 km from Kyiv, Dzvinkove).


Four meals a day provided by the on-site restaurant of "Pearlyna Dzvinkova" complex.


The experienced staff of the "Questy Camp" camp provides children with a rich educational and entertainment program that will help them apply and develop their skills.


Qualified child psychologists conduct therapy sessions with children. Additionally, a doctor will be present for each shift to provide support.

Interacting with animals

Eco-park "Yasnogorodka" is an ostrich farm and a zoo that features over 40 species of animals that one can feed by hand with special food.

Physical Activity

The Horse Riding club "Klondike" introduces children to intelligent, beautiful, and calm horses that gladly accept sugar and apples straight from hands.


Comfortable buses that transport children from the meeting point to the eco-complex and back.


Want to help us make it happen?

The project «Psychological Rehabilitation of War Children» and its long-term implementation in the coming years require the support of all caring people.




Natalia (therapist)

As a result of comprehensive psychological rehabilitation aimed at restoring emotional health, I see a significant improvement in the functional and emotional state of all children participating in the project, without exception. The children have started to sleep well, become less irritable, and have begun to unfold their inner talents. They have become more open to each other and to adults. Caring for a child's emotional well-being is now our number one priority, and we have been addressing it comprehensively throughout the summer. Thanks to our coordinated efforts, we have achieved positive changes in the state of our children.

Vlad (counselor)

From August 12th to 27th, I personally organized leisure activities for children as an employee of the year-round camp "Questy Camp." I was pleasantly impressed by the beauty of the area and the variety of plants. It felt as if I had visited a botanical garden. I want to particularly mention the quantity and variety of the cuisine, which cannot be compared to regular school meals. Surprisingly, many children asked for seconds, claiming that even at home, they don't eat as deliciously. Perhaps this was due to the active outdoor games, quests, and frequent swimming in the pool. At least practically every group wanted to visit the camp again.

Glib (counselor)

Visiting all the events and tours together with the children, I am happy to be part of a team that has the opportunity to bring joy to the kids and see their happy and smiling faces during this challenging time for the country.





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